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#6 Diving into Movie Screen Plays

After releasing my first book, I began to receive comments from readers that “Watcher in the Fall: Connections” would make a great movie. By the summer of 2012, I began to think about pushing into a development of a screenplay, but it was not anything I had done before. I received an email from a couple late in the summer of 2012. They are involved in Hollywood and offered to convert my book into a movie screen play. The result arrived in the fall of 2012 “Master Connections”. While an expensive operation, I learned a lot about the specifics of what they are looking for (page count, format, story approach, … ). I was told the book was too “dense” and as such only part of the plot line w

In the Begining Part #4

With the feedback from my daughters, I began to try and learn how to not write as an engineer and more as a story teller. The next eight months were revision after revision on weekends and evenings. My day time work was a focus on training a software team, software architecture, design, testing, and documents. I was trusted to build a team and develop a new set of products for the Surface Navy (there are actually 5 different Navies…Subs, Surface, Air, C4I and Logistics and at that time, they were all different…and sometimes, still are). After 20+ revisions and months of nights, weekends of work, both writing work and technical work, I thought I was at a good point with the book. I passed

#3 The Beginning Part 3

In 2007, my life of living in the hotel in Crystal City Virginia came to an end and life took another change. I changed companies and moved to Fairfax, Virginia to take a job with a different company. Living in Northern Virginia allowed me to attend meetings with the Navy at the Navy Yards area without having to live in hotels. My travel continued, just not across country. Now my travel was up and down the east coast between MA and VA with other trips around the country. By this point, I had written a grand total of two pages. Actually I had re-written the two pages many times. With travel, work, shifting jobs and moving outside of San Diego for the first time in my life, becoming the

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