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#9 Could our Winter truly be over – NOPE!

We had snow on Thursday and according to the weather predictions, perhaps another storm next week. But in between we get to have nicer weather. I actually went out for a walk in a T-shirt for a while today. So what is new? We have the NOVA Film Festival coming up in a few weeks. I received a request for a number of my screen plays. I don’t want to jinx this by saying who and what it’s about, but it did have to do with responding to an InkTip, one of the three major channels I work through. So I have multiple projects (2 books, 2 screen plays) underway. My job as a Chief Engineer is starting to spin up and overall I am getting very busy. As such, I am finding it best to figure out a

#8 Could our Winter truly be over?

It’s been a cold few months here in Northern Virginia, but for once a there are no storms in sight. As much as the cold has locked me inside, my writing has not been able to gain from the time. Sure I have done some work on my new screen play “And The Angel Watched Over The Flock”, my forth book in the “Watcher in the Fall” series, my new book series of Historical Fiction, starting with “Da Vinci Connections” as I make a book from the movies script (and expand the story). I have found myself doing the 80% job that any aspiring business must do, especially one that is self-run in an industry where having your voice heard requires something unusual. After writing the initial books, I foun

#7 Change in Plans, My mixed up life

I fully intended to talk about my general life and how I reached my current situation…but some news appeared on Friday which has changed my plans…at least some. On Friday I received news that two of my screen plays “Da Vinci Code” and “Master Connections” are finalists in the NOVA Screen Festival. Living in NOVA (Northern Virginia), I heard about the festival and submitted three screen plays (my third screen play submission is “Universe’s End). With Fridays notice, I now have marketing efforts to execute throughout March with the festival occurring in mid-April. Not having done this much, I queried about what Screen Play authors were able to advertise since the focus is Films. I was in

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