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#13 More Travel Coming

I have a meeting coming up in June for Berlin, Germany. Being in Europe, I hope to see the sights of Berlin. I will heading down to see my long time friend in the southern part of Switzerland. The trip will finish as I go to Milan and fly back. I plan to capturing pictures related to my books and Movie Screen Plays. On return, I will post them on my various sites. Unfortunately, I will not make it to the Zermat area, but then again, I didn't write it into the book...yet :) While at the NOVA Awards, I had the opportunity to meet with a film producer based in New Jersey. He is looking for specific movie types, and it got me thinking. My experence with the death of my father might be

#12 Attended the 1st and Last NOVA Film Festival

The NOVA (Northern Virginia) Film Festival finished tonight. While I wasn't in town to see the films during the week, I was able to attended the Awards Closing where wining movies and screen plays were announced. I met a number of wining directors and did an interview discussing my screen plays. Next year, the NOVA Film Festival turns into the NOVA Film and Music Festival as it grows into one of the premier Festivals on the East Coast. I will continue to provide submissions to the festival each year and if I am lucky, will have a film made and submitted for the festival. While I didn't win with either of my two screen plays "Master Connections" and "Da Vinci Connections", it was a talant

#11 On the road again

I must have travel in my genes. For most of my profesional life, I seem to have been on the road. In my early years, it was taking a 180' "mud boat" to sea over weeks at a time for the Navy while running computers for exeriments or on a "White Boat", a name for a Navy research Vessile. As the years progressed, my travel changed from riding boats (a few times I actually worked on Navy Ships and once on a Canadian Naval Ship) to flying. Flights around the world to a point where I have a perminate American Platinum travel position from flying over 2 Million Miles (I reached it in the early 2000's). Now most of my travel is up and down the East coast, sometimes to Europe and the west coast.

#10 April brings NOVA Film Festival

It's about to be a very busy month for me. With the NOVA Film Festival coming the week of 13 April I will have a chance to let people know about my screen plays and hopefully they will check out my books as well. But NOVA FF is the simple part. My full time effort as Chief Engineer on a new system is about to bring me to a full focus and travel will ramp up. My "free" weekends are about to be absorbed with system architecture, discussions with the customer, oversight of software teams and directing system engineering teams. Never fear, while my sleep may suffer, I will continue working on my writing and continue to give you my best as I push forward with my many projects; both screen pla

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