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"For Love" a new short script

This short screen play comes from my heart. It is not Sci-Fi or Historical Fiction. It was hard to write because it is a segment of my life that was the most difficult to go through and to face the reality of my own mortality. The screenplay asks the audience to ask themselves hard questions, to face now what may be happening to them or what will face them in their future. The names used in the play are made up, but people should not focus on the names, rather on their roles and the effects both on themselves and upon others. I offer this screenplay to allow people to think and decide on their own path forward. We often push these decisions out of our mind until forced to face them. #Dea

Pre-Release of New Book "Da Vinci Connections"

This week I have set up for a preview of my latest book, a historical fiction about Leonardo da Vinci. You can read the first chapter and give feedback at (on the book page, you can click the image and it will take you to the preview website). I have also setup on the ability to pre-order the book which I am planning for release in late August. At this time, the cover is under development and text will be gone through by a professional editor before release (my book process). I hope you will take a moment and give me feedback on this new book. It is what I consider the first in a new series (no, I am not stoping the Watcher in the Fa

A Few new events to talk about

The weather swing here in Norther Virginia is playing havoc with my walking (hot for a few days, then cooling down, then heating back up), but luckyly My week day job is on the 6th floor. So I am now turning into a stair climber and learning to avoid the elevators. I checked my Social Security site and found out I will max out when I turn 70. So in 4 1/2 years, I will break free from my daily efforts and begin to travel the states to see all those places where I either flew over or just stoped at their airport. I will begin to slowly build a list of cities I will visit and with luck will do interviews and book signings. Okay, so some new events to talk about. 1) I have entered a number of

#14 Early Summer?

Weather has warmed up fast. In Virginia, we went from highs of 50's to 80's in just two weeks...No, its not Global Warming, its just weather :) Take a book (maybe mine?), go somewhere and enjoy the outside. Some recient happenings 1) I was contacted by Annie Douglass. She has a blog dealing with worlds of SciFi. She requested to do a blog on my book series and one of the worlds I have created. The blog is set for May 18th, 2015 and can be found at 2) Connected with Book Rhythm and joined their BookRhythm's May Flash MaDnEsS. You can find the link on my website's front page. I am offering two s

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