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Berlin Triggers Ideas

While in Berlin, I started thinking about a thread in my next Watcher In The Fall: Trans-Link book. The story thread revolves around a kidnapping. For this thread of the story, a chase will go from Berlin to Lugano/Chiasso to Como to Milan...Just by accident, the same route I took while in Europe (how lucky is that?). So I will write a series of blogs about my trip and give you a view into possible places that will be found in the book. The above picture is from the Brandenburg Gate. A festival was getting set up just behind the gate at the entrance to the large forested park area. Another interesting place is "Check Point Charlie", the U.S.A. Entry way into Berlin from East Berlin duri

Berlin Blog

Just arriving in Berlin but wanted to get a quick blog sent out for my fans. Arrived in Berlin early in the morning having not slept on the 9hr I crashed for some sleep. Around 2PM, I needed to get a power supply for my laptop (you always forget something) and took a three mile walk to get to an electronic store. The hotel is a bit unique in that it has a large 6 story fish tank in the center of the building which I am led to believe is connected to an adjoining aquatic museum. I intend to head to the Brandenburg Gate (cold war gate between western and eastern Berlin). My conference starts tomorrow and lasts for the week. In my upcoming book "Watcher in the Fall: Trans-Link" part

Something Personal

Traveling again, my main job as a Lead Engineer means I cover International Standards development efforts (IEEE, OMG , ...). My work is taking me to Berlin for a week. If you notice the Mickey Mouse on my shirt, I grew up in Southern California and visited Disney Land quite often, especially when my oldest daughter started working there (now married and her husband also works there). My youngest daughter is into painting and is professional tattoo artist in San Diego. My son is an IT professional and going to school to get his BS. Like any dad, I am proud of my kids. They are good, caring people. To me that's most important. They are also hard working and while not rich they struggle t

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