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There is one thing missing in Writing

While writing has turned into a more than I had expected from the begining, I have found one thing is missing. When reading (or writing), I miss the text providing one key element of my I have enjoyed music from as far back as I can remember. Music was always part of my study routine. Music was always around me. I started playing the Trumpet and enterd the band in Jr. High School. Music was a major part of my High School experence. Part of the reason I love movies is the music and how they blend it to the story. I always wanted to direct a band or orchastra. The thought of standing in front of a large group of musicians and directing them in a synchrones effort to produce

Some Musings on God, Science, the Universe

This week I read a couple of interesting discussions. Here are references in case you would like to read them: A discussion on how Science might be starting to think that the design of the universe at the largest and smallest levels show “intelligent Design” Measurements show that galaxies are slowly reducing their energy output at all wavelengths The concepts in the papers are Interesting in their own right, but are there ties? If the universe is dying, then what does this mean about an intelligent Design, “God”? So here is my two cents! We know that even a fractional chan

String Theory Leads to M+Theory in Watcher in the Fall

Drawing of the folding of higher dimensions First let’s start with a statement on String Theory. With original work being done in the late 1960’s and 1970’s, at the time I was working on my physics degree. String Theory was the next great horizon according to all the theoretical physics article. Unfortunately, the college I went too, only provided low energy physics. To work in the areas would take many more years of studies and far more math. I took a different path in life, but continued to watch work in the years moving forward. The math of String Theory is far beyond my training, but I try to understand the concepts. In the 1940’s, Quantum Theory was in its early formation. The t

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