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On the road again

This week finds me in Cambridge Mass.; across the river from Boston. Cambridge is the home of Harvard and MIT. But that’s not why I am here in Cambridge; it is OMG (Object Management Group) week. I am here to chair the C4I Domain Task Force as we work on Software standards. But this week, I thought I would talk about one of my sea tales. On a sea trip during the 1970’s (once again to the North Pacific), we were testing out how to keep a mile long acoustic array straight (straighter is better for tracking far off sounds). For this trip, we brought along a set of tubes (12’ plastic pipes) to act as a buoy and parachutes to attach to the end of the array cable. The idea was that the par

Developing a writing Style

Authors have different writing styles and approaches to building their story lines. Some are very technical in their styles, other are more focused on flowing a single story line. I my case, I prefer to have multiple inter-dependent storylines that weave a complex approach asking the reader to guess what is coming and how the stories will come together (of if they will come together). While many lives are simple and flow day-to-day in a consistent pattern with little interaction to the wider universe, I prefer to have my characters involved in love, intrigue, danger and unusual events. My character Nicky is an example. A normal Swiss Italian boy, going to school, spending weekends with h

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