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About Valerie - From Watcher in the Fall Series

I hope you, your family and friends had the Merryies of Christmas's, or Happiest of Hanukkah's. I also wish you only the best for 2016. Continuing in the trend of my last post, this week I am going to talk about the key character Valerie in the Watcher in the Fall series. Valerie presents a Non-Watcher but pivitol character. Like Nicky, Valerie is a composit of people I know, people I have heard about, knowledge I have and all pulled togheter to for a character for the story. If you read my next blog, you will begin to understand why Valerie is one of my favorite characters. In the begining, Valeie is a lost, bord rich girl that is looking for a direction in her life. Although she trave

Watch in the Fall -- Characters Nicky Age 10 in Book 1 - Connections

Image of the Swiss Alps looking down ou the small village of Zermat Since this is December, I want to start off by wishing you, your family and friends all safe and happy Christmas/Hanukkah/Holiday Season. May you enjoy your time with family and friends and find joy and peace. Nicky is like most characters in my book, a combination of people I know. He starts with a fine young man I have known most of his life, combined with background of friends of mine that live in Switzerland. While changes are made to fit his character into the needed mold, both have fine qualities: 1) Caring 2) Strong 3) Have suffered with a major seperation in their lives 4) Have a dog in their lives 5) Have a sign

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