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Our Universe, A tale of the discovery of adventure

Discovery is an adventure of the human spirit. Study of our universe lifts our dreams and drives us to understandings beyond our daily experiences. On going work in theories such as Quantum Theory to String Theory and its tie from the energy base of our universe through the studies of dark matter and its spread throughout our universe, tied to black holes and galaxy formation drives us like never before. Some of our latest understanding relates to our own galaxy ( ) indicates that our galaxy has never joined with another galaxy. With Andromeda galaxy headed towards a collision an

Happy 4th of July

I have never been in the Army or Navy, but I have spent my life serving the Department of Defense. In the 1970's, I worked at the Navy lab in Point Loma, San Diego, CA. I worked "Hunting for Red October", dealing with research on Acoustic Systems for understanding how to find a "hole in the water". I can remember many times sitting and pondering the problem. I have spent many months on small (180 ft) "Mud Boats" in the distant Northern Pacific, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean. In addition, I have sailed on Gray Ships (Navy Ships), White Ships (Navy Research Ships), and even a Canadian Naval ship (requiring formal dress for dinner which was maybe the hardest duty). Throu

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