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Next Step in my Travels

Needed to keep on my schedule plans, so I headed north from Pflugerville, TX to Wichita, KS. There I found a memorial to the Plains Indians. I am visiting people at Wichita State University (a group known as FirePoint) who supports the U.S. Army. I am working on a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) course for High School students. I wish to give them a wide view of where they can grow and a vision of the type of future they might be able to find (given my world travels and long years in Science and Engineering). I will leave Wichita Tuesday Morning (10/23/2018) to head towards Yellowstone Park. It is a 15hr drive that I will take in 3 days (according to my rule of not driv

And the travels continue

My travels continued. So far I have spent 11 days on the road in what I expect to be a 120 day journey. After a stop to see Luray Caverns, Stone Mountain and a drive through the Smoky Mountains (had to stop on the way down a mountain to let my breaks cool down...started using low gear to reduce wear on the breaks), I reached Dollywood. I had no idea what to expect there, but I loved the various music presentations including watching a fiddler who makes fiddles trying out one of his creations. Took a ride on their old steam train (part way through, a live Turkey decided to steal the show). Had a good catfish meal and walked for 5 miles, a great change from the driving. From Dollywood, I h

First Days of my New Journey

On Monday (10/1/2018) I closed out my condo and hit the road. I gave all the furniture and kitchen dishes to charity before closing the door for the last time. While not sold yet, my realtor whom I have known for 11 years (she helped my buy the condo) is now in control of selling it. My first day was a quick two hour drive west from Fairfax, VA to get me in position for visiting Luray Caverns. I stayed in a simple hotel for the night to get somewhat organized. My car is packed to the gills. I couldn't fit any more into it before the "College Hunks" arrived to clean out my condo. I have a cooler in the back for liquid and to keep my injection medicine cool (I am a Type II diabetic and w

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